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Foshan, the largest ceramic floor tile production base!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Foshan ceramic floor tile is China's largest production base, each year attracting guests from various countries around the world to come to purchase, Here you can find the color and style of any ceramic floor tile you like. Generally, the production time of a container is about 25 days or so. You can also bring samples to negotiate with the manufacturer in person when you come. As a Foshan English translator, I have assisted global clients to negotiate with so many factory to help them get the best price with high quality products and let both sides can understand each other's needs, to ensure that the orders for quality and safety, when my clients return home later I will help them to follow up the order until the production process is completed. We can also organize the shipment https://www.mgsourcing-china.com/shipping-arrangment to the specified destination port. If you are searching for a knowledgable Foshan translator/interpreter or plan to go to Foshan to buy this product, please feel free to contact me. I am Michael, a local Foshan translator/interpreter and business assistant in Foshan. I am very glad to help you!

Here is my Facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/Michaelsourcingpro/

The following pictures of some products can be scanned into the virtual scene to experience the product effect, I hope you like it, thank you!

Website address: www.sourcing-china.com

Mobile phone: +86 151 1209 2185( WhatsApp available)

Email address: Michaelguo66@outlook.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MGluky88

Foshan High-quality floor tile

Foshan quality floor tiles

Foshan quality floor tiles

Foshan quality floor tiles

Foshan Tiles factory
Foshan floor tiles factory

Foshan quality floor tiles exhibition room

Foshan quality floor tiles exhibition room

Guangzhou&Foshan interpreter,Business assistant, sourcing agent.

Below is my contact information, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Website address: www.mgsourcing-china.com

Email : Michaelguo66@outlook.com

MP: +86 151 1209 2185( WhatsApp available)

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