• Michael Guo

Macau casino

Macau is the Las Vegas of the east, which attracts numerous guests to gamble. Last time I took four American guests to the MGM Macau, they won 50,000 dollars in one night, which was really very lucky. In Macau, you can enjoy the world luxury car Rolls-Royce pick-up service or the driver to send you to any place you want to go in Macau with the cost of 2000RMB and It is a very rare experience.

NOTE: I only go to Macau whenever my client would like to go for casino, I woke as an interpreter and translator but i never gambling.

Below is my contact information, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Website address: www.mgsourcing-china.com

Email : Michaelguo66@outlook.com

MP: +86 151 1209 2185( WhatsApp available)


A1603, Nanshan Software Park,

No. 10128, Shennan Avenue,

Pengcheng Community,

Nanshan Street, Nanshan,


+86 151 1209 2185

+86 151 1209 2185


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