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Shenzhen electronics market

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Shenzhen well known for the electronic products in the worldwide and Shenzhen electronics market not only the largest electronics market in China but also in the world. It is the place where you can find all kinds of electronic products you like or you want to purchase and the most important is that the price is cheap with high- quality. Shenzhen electronics market where located in Futian block Shenzhen city, there are over hundreds of thousands of visitors to go there every day and the market usually opens at 9 am. and closes at 6 pm.

I highly recommend my clients to book a hotel near Shenzhen electronics market area, because it can save a lot of time to visiting the market and avoid the rush hour after work. If you are seeing any of the satisfactory electronic products in the market and there are many express companies provides an express service so you can send the sample or any item to your motherland.

Shenzhen electronics market contains a variety of electronic products, such as PCB board, solar panels, computer accessories, Mobile phone accessories, recording pens, smart machine, drones, electronic components, players, headphones, USB disk, Secondhand Mobile phone, bluetooth headsets, and various latest and most fashionable electronic products.

In addition, if you are planing to staying in Shenzhen for a longer time, I suggest you buy a Chinese phone card which cost you around 100RMB, However, It can be saved a lot of money by using a local SIM card during your business trip in China. there was a regulation that the real name system is used to purchase SIM card, so I, as a Shenzhen translator/interpreter, will use my Chinese ID to help my customers to get a phone card.

Below is my contact information, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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