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Canton Fair

Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, she holds two international trade fairs called the Canton fair, there are two will be held throughout a year, one is in the spring and the other one is in fall of the year. The fair, usually divided into several phase to showcase the latest products from factories, attracts customers from more than over 100 countries clients from all over of the world.

Through my previous experience of purchasing with my customers, I suggest that you better to carry a schoolbag to enter the hall or take a bag for those catalogues from different suppliers. In addition, you can register in advance on its official website to gain admission, which is usually free for purchasers.

In the exhibition, there are many restaurants. If you are tired after a long walk, please go to the restaurant to enjoy a short rest. Considering the large size of the Canton fair exhibition hall, it is recommended that you get an atlas from the staff, which can help you quickly locate the supplier booth that you want to go.

The hotel where you stay in will have a free bus to transport guests to the Canton fair exhibition hall and it's super convenient, you just book it in advance and tell them your room number.besides, When you entering the gate of canton fair, Pls remember to take care of your belongings due to there are too many people there, as you can see the picture.

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